We were best friends for close to ten years before we got married in front of our dearest family and friends.  Our relationship has grown and strengthened over the years and we work hard to keep our marriage strong.  We value our relationship and how important this is to the nourishment of our future children.

We are grateful for the love that surrounds us including our families and many friends.​  All who come from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We accept these differences without reservation and find that it enhances our own being.  Given our jobs we also feel uniquely positioned to understand the diversity with which families can be formed. 

We are cheesy in the way we decorate for holidays, the hours we spend working outdoors and in the kitchen.  We love to host friends, and their kids and value small thoughtful acts of kindness for both strangers and colleagues.  

We are incredibly close with our nieces, nephews and the children of our close friends. We are often referred to as Auntie and Uncle regardless of blood-relation. We try to cultivate a  warm, loving and supportive relationship with all of these children and hold onto them dearly.

We know that we can offer unconditional love, protection and comfort for a child. Events in our lives thus far have left our home immediately prepared for an infant. We have accepted the unknowns that adoption will bring, including the many challenges that lie ahead. We embrace the unknown and are excited about the adventure and lifelong commitment.  



Over the years, I have seen Jordan in many stressful scenarios - Jordan’s greatest asset is her ability to reassure, calm, and effectively communicate with people during times of stress. She is known to think on her feet and meets challenges with grace and maturity. She is a dutiful listener and confidant. She unfailingly follows through with any commitment, no matter how small. She gives her all to every task- whether it is work, a new recipe, gardening, or, most significantly, her relationships with friends and family. I genuinely feel so fortunate to have her in my life, and any child would be exponentially fortunate to call her mom!

Jordan is extremely grounded. Both with work and personal challenges, she unfailingly puts her family first.   That said, she is also open and, in fact, embraces change.  She has always gravitated toward children. At social functions, she beelines to the children who instinctively warm to her. Her kind, calm, and loving demeanor puts children immediately at ease. I think this is in part due to her personality, in part due to her upbringing and her strong relationships with her extended family, and in part due to innumerable hours babysitting and nannying. She is just “a natural” with kids. She is more than ready to be a mom. 


Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Religion:  Not specified

Education:  Advanced Degree



We met as strangers, no common friends at the time, just pure circumstance.  I remember the first night we met as he put himself on the line for me.  We had an immediate connection and quickly realized all we had in common.

David is extremely innovative and intuitive.  But the one thing I love about him the most is his ability to care for others - strangers or family.  He is extremely thoughtful and his small gifts of word or touch are priceless to me.  He recognizes my flaws and is capable of recognizing my needs even when I am not. When he is motivated, there are truly no limits.  

We started dating when I returned home after completing school.  David had remained my best friend throughout the entire process.  He recognizes and appreciates all that makes me who I am and he has had a front seat to some of the largest growth I’ve had over the years.  

I’ve been impressed by his ability to return to school later in life and watching him and his balance between work, home, and school over the last few years. 

We have been friends for 10 years now and share everything.  The losses we have experienced over this time continue to make our depth of relationship stronger.

I know that David dreams of having children with visions of providing that same love and affection that he had in his own childhood.  We both fantasize about having the extra depth to our own relationship and even more about providing unconditional love to another human being.  

I recognize that David has limited experience with kids, that he has not watched motherhood unfold in front of his eyes, and that he probably has not even changed a diaper other than on a babydoll. My instincts, based on years of friendship and now marriage, confirm that David will give this everything he has.  He has never required recognition or reward for his actions, in fact, he never mentions how much he has done for others.  I know this aspect of his personality will serve him well during the thankless job of parenting.  I watch him with our friends and family now and know this is something he wants more than he could have ever imagined and I cannot wait to take this step with him.


Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Religion:  Not specified

Education:  Advanced Degree



Our first children.  These guys are spoiled and are ready to have the attention turned to someone else.

Mabel is just over a year old and is active, yet loving.  She loves playing with our neighborhood kids of all ages.

Adele is 9 years old and is accustomed to being crawled over, played on and having her ears tied above her head.  Most of all, she is looking forward to an endless supply of dropped cheerios on the floor.







Rock Climbing